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Coach Keith Howard has spent years motivating and inspiring audiences of youth and adults to get in the game and to follow God’s plan for a great life. After many years working in corporate America and later owning a multi-million dollar business, to leading a national non-profit, Coach Howard is back again with Extra Points LLC and can be frequently seen as a motivational speaker at events where audience members are interested in improving, growing and winning! With a vast background in coaching both on and off the field, Howard has mastered the art of motivating. Funny and engaging, he has an uncanny knack to connect with a range of audiences and, coupled with a powerful voice, his enthusiasm is contagious!

Speaking Events & Workshops

Check out Coach Howard’s upcoming speaking events, keynotes, and workshops!


Speaking Events and Workshops

Extra Points Football & Life Skills Program

A mentoring program for young people in the DC Metropolitan area.

Upcoming Events and Workshops

The Extra Points Radio Show

A weekly podcast focusing on the issues, strategies, and people connecting the world of sports with commerce.

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